MQM-178 'Firejet'


The MQM-178 Firejet fills a variety of end-to-end weapons-release training roles including surface-to-air and air-to-air. Capable of flying a wide variety of speed and maneuverability profiles, Firejet delivers unmatched versatility by providing the opportunity to test multiple weapon systems with one flexible and affordable aerial target system.

The smallest of Kratos’s aerial targets, Firejet is capable of carrying a combination of internal and external payloads including tow targets, proximity scoring, passive & active (RF) augmentation, and infrared (IR) augmentation.

Pneumatically launched, Firejet is capable of land or shipboard launch, significantly reducing operating costs by eliminating the need for expensive Rocket-Assisted Take-Off (RATO) equipment and facilities. Customers with exiting launch equipment will appreciate that the lightweight and compact nature of Firejet’s design makes it easily adaptable to a number of existing pneumatic launch systems.

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