Launch Solutions

Kratos subsidiary CEi's aerial target systems use a highly reliable launch solution that is based upon either Rocket Assisted Takeoff (RATO) or pneumatic launch techniques.

Our BQM-167A uses a zero length launch rail, single RATO bottle solution. A similar launch solution is used for the BQM-167i.

The combined transportation/launch trailer for the BQM-177A/i offers unmatched versatility by reducing handling during pre-flight operations, and providing improved portability - both of which are key concerns for the user community.  The dual RATO solution used by the BQM-177A/i further reduces pre-flight preparation by minimizing RATO alignment activity that is otherwise required with a single RATO launch solution.

CEi's MQM-178 'Firejet' pneumatic launch solution is designed and manufactured specifically for use with Firejet or other UAV systems of comparable size.

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