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Kratos Unmanned Control Systems delivers advanced Command-and-Control (C2) functionality and vehicle management systems for unmatched air, land, and sea mission-effectiveness.

The Kratos Universal C2 system is a man-portable, net-centric, scalable architecture with tele-operational and autonomous mode settings. It offers field-proven capability supporting simultaneous control of unmanned aerial, ground, and sea surface vehicles worldwide.

Kratos provides a full suite of on-board vehicle electronics, vehicle management computers, datalink transceivers, power management systems, and advanced payloads to meet the demands of today’s most challenging mission requirements.

Advanced capabilities include:

  • Situation Awareness
  • Enhanced Mission Management
  • Field Expandable and Scalable System Architectures
  • Tele-Operational and Autonomous Modes of Operation
  • Multi-Platform Multi-Vehicle Simultaneous Control
  • Formation/Swarm Coordinated Time of Arrival Capability

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